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WESLACO – At Valley Grande Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center the BINGO games might not pay big bucks, but they certainly result in huge dividends for its residents.

“Our weekly Bingo games have a wide range of benefits,” said Joe Longoria, Director of Rehabilitation at Valley Grande Manor. “They are a social activity that gets people together for an enjoyable time. There is so much laughter.

“But  even more important are the rehabilitative benefits that our residents derive from this activity.”

Longoria cited that playing BINGO requires dexterity and cognitive skills, issues that many of the residents cope with as they recover from a variety of ailments.

“Some of our residents are recovering from strokes,” he said. “So, placing the disk on the numbers improves their motor skills. Likewise, being able to hear a number and match it with the correct box on the card also helps as they rehabilitate. And just as important is the enjoyment they get from the game.”

Valley Grande Manor places a premium on activities that include day trips to museums, restaurants, and the beach, as well as on-site events such as concerts and other games.

About Valley Grande Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Valley Grande Manor, which has approximately 175 employees, is a full-service nursing home that offers post-operative temporary rehabilitation and long-term nursing care. Valley Rehab Center provides speech, occupational and physical therapy to residents and outpatient clients. Valley Grande Manor is located at 1212 South Bridge Avenue. For more information, call (956) 968-2121 or visit