Elvis-and-Consuelo-LopezBy Joe Longoria, Director of Rehab, Valley Grande Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Don’t be surprised if you hear quite a bit of music as you stroll through Valley Grande Nursing & Rehabilitation.
While lively tunes are certainly pleasant there are more benefits to the music than singing along and tapping your feet. Studies clearly indicate that music tops the list for enduring benefits for the brain’s health.
Sarah Martin McConnell is the founder and current Executive Director of Music for Seniors, a nonprofit arts organization which provides live music outreach programming, public concerts and music education for older adults in Middle Tennessee. She recently wrote an article that zeroes in on the rehabilitative benefits of music.
She makes some of the following points regarding “creative aging”, and we couldn’t agree more:
• Over the next 18 years, 10,000 individuals will turn 65 every day in the U.S. and all of us baby boomers are searching for proven ways to keep our brains active and nimble.
• In fact, whether you enjoy music, painting, writing, sculpting, quilt making or line dancing, the positive benefits older individuals gain from active participation in all creative arts activities are at the heart of an exciting international movement called “creative aging.”
• The benefits do not stop at the brain gain. Shared creative activities help to connect you to other like-minded individuals in your community while also providing an important and satisfying outlet for your own personal creative expression.
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Here at Valley Grande Nursing & Rehabilitation Center we offer a wide range of activities which really focus on keeping our residents healthy, happy, and active. These activities also have many rehabilitative advantages that help our residents remain physically and cognitively active.
So, while you can still tap your feet and sing along there are many more advantages.