Resident Rosa Almanza works on her bird house.

Resident Rosa Almanza works on her bird house.

Virginia Villaneuva does some planting for the garden.

Virginia Villaneuva does some planting for the garden.

WESLACO — For the Rehab Dept. at Valley Grande Manor Nursing and Rehab (VGM), the month of April has more significance than just the arrival of Spring.

“Here at VGM, we look forward to this month because we’re given a chance to highlight the important contributions we make to our residents, patients, and the public.  April is officially designated as National Occupational Therapy Month,” said Joe Longoria, Director of Rehab.  Valley Grande serves as nursing facility with a special emphasis on rehabilitation for both in and out-patient care in Weslaco. “This recognition is a good reminder to all of us regarding the important work we do every day to help our patients resume their everyday activities following an accident or illness” added Clarissa Martin, OTR at VGM.

The Weslaco City Council   recently issued a proclamation recognizing April as Occupational Therapy Month. Joe Longoria, Director of Rehab at Valley Grande Manor accepted the proclamation at the council meeting.

Valley Grande Manor caters to residents of the nursing facility and also serves the outpatient community in need of these valuable services.  Valley Grande Manor offers a comprehensive Occupational Therapy program whose focus is in evaluating and treatment of functional impairments in the activities of daily living.  “OT specializes in the adaptive use of upper extremities for performing various tasks” said Martin, OTR.


“We’re a bit unique in the Valley,” added Longoria. “Some of our patients were residents of the nursing facility and now come as out-patients,” he said. “It is very convenient for them because they are working with the same therapists so the treatments are seamless. By the same token, we have other patients – ranging from high school athletes to older people – who come several times a week as they recover from sports injuries, car accidents, or strokes.”


The objective is to help the patient achieve and regain the necessary improvements so they can reach the maximum level of independence.  OT works with patients on improving their strength, endurance, balance, and fine-motor coordination.


“Occupational Therapy Month affords us the opportunity and to educate patients, their support network, VGM staff, and the public at large about the important role OT plays in restoring and enhancing quality of life” added Martin, OTR.


“This is a crucial element in the continuum of care at VGM whereby therapists work closely with highly trained nursing staff to make sure the highest quality of care is being delivered to our residents/patients” added Longoria.


“Basically, these healthcare professionals help a person regain functions that have meaning and purpose,” said Martin, OTR. “We also work with them so they don’t lose any of the capabilities related to activities of daily life (ADL).

In simplest terms, Occupational Therapists help people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities”.


Some of these activities include:


         Paying bills

         Getting the mail

         Home management activities

         Hobbies and past times

         Bathing, grooming, dining

         Wheel chair mobility



About Valley Grande Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Valley Grande Manor, which has approximately 175 employees, is a full-service nursing home that offers post-operative temporary rehabilitation and long-term nursing care. The on-site rehabilitation center provides speech, occupational and physical therapy to residents and outpatient clients. Valley Grande Manor is located at 1212 South Bridge Avenue. For more information, call (956) 968-2121 and visit