Short Term Residential Care

        Each resident at Valley Grande Manor is unique and has unique needs as they recover from a variety of conditions.

        Some are recovering from surgery, others from strokes or accidents. What they all have in common, though, is a desire to return home as quickly and as healthy as possible. For our short-term residents, we implement the “Fast Track Home Program,” a comprehensive regimen of physical, occupational, and nutritional care that features a team approach to recovery. It is the only program of its kind in the Valley. Our staff of physical and occupational therapists work closely with physicians to develop a customized rehabilitation program that results in our patients recovering quickly so they are on the “fast track home.”

        Doctors, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, nutritionists, and social workers – to name just a few – combine their decades of experience to make sure our residents are truly short-term. We know you want to go home. That is our goal. To safely, professionally, and reliably set you or a loved one on the “fast track home” the moment you come to Valley Grande Manor.

        But even after discharge, you’re still part of the Valley Grande Manor “family.” Our rehabilitation professionals will make sure your home is safe for your return. And, we’ll regularly check in, just to see how you’re doing.

        And, you’ll find comfort in knowing that if you still require rehabilitation services, Valley Grande Manor Rehab Center will meet all of your needs on an out-patient basis. We have all of your records and the same smiling professionals will be there for you as you continue to rehabilitate from your condition.

        It’s just another way that we “go above and beyond every day.”

  • 24-hour skilled nursing services
  • All sorts of physical, occupational, speech/language therapy
  • Free wireless Internet
  • Free cable TV
  • Buffet dining – with many choices
  • 24-hour visitation
  • Plenty of field trips
  • Beauty salon/barber shop
  • Transportation services
  • 24-hour visitation

        There is a host of other things we do that may not be apparent. And they really affect the care you or a loved one will receive. And, these advantages are difficult to describe on a web site or in a brochure. But, here goes:

  • We’re locally owned and operated. What does this mean? Well, we don’t have to call an out-of-state “corporate” office to get permission to have your pet visit.
  • You can stop by 24/7 – and we mean it. You don’t have to call or make a special appointment to visit at off hours. It may take us a moment to come to the front door since it’s locked after hours. But we guarantee you’ll be greeted with a smiling face, and perhaps a cup of coffee.
    We will know your name. Interesting how that makes a difference.
  • We will know your name. Interesting how that makes a difference.
  • We’ll return your phone call and patiently and lovingly answer questions. And, we’ll actually have the information you’re seeking, and explain it in non-medical terms – in both English and Spanish.
  • We’ll pray for you and your loved ones. We’ll even pray for others. Just let us know.

        Isn’t it interesting how these things make a difference, the Valley Grande Manor difference? Stop by, and you’ll see how we “go above and beyond every day.”